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Ask for Jane ~ Feature Film

Opened in select theaters across the country in 2019

Written and Directed by Rachel Carey

Based on a concept by Cait Cortelyou

Produced by Cait Cortelyou, NYEH Entertainment, Raptor Films, and Carolines Entertainment

"'The biggest standouts in the cast are Cait Cortelyou and Cody Horn. Cortelyou is (rightfully) the most agreeable character in the film [and has] a particular charm and approachability." - Sean Boelman, Popaxiom

"Cortelyou is sweet and sensitive as Rose. Cortelyou and Horn are amazing. This must be seen!" - Kristen Lopez, Citizen Dame

"The acting of this was incredible and realistic, including but not limited to the performance from Cait Cortelyou." - Sophia Jin, The Hot Pink Pen

"Cortelyou and Cory Horn lead an ensemble of actresses who convey the riskiness and the emotional immediacy of the situation — and the convictions of their characters." - Jennifer Merin, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, Movie of the Week

"The acting is amazing, with Cortelyou and Cody Horn’s performances being especially powerful." - Vickram Singh, Honeysuckle Magazine

R & J & Z_NewOhio_selection_26.jpg

R & J & Z ~ New York City Premiere

April 2015 at the New Ohio Theatre in New York City

Written by Melody Bates

Directed by Joan Jubett

Produced by Hard Sparks

"R & J & Z is Romeo and Juliet for the zombie age." -Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

"The entire cast fully commits to the daunting paradox of this show: Is it possible to blend the language of serious Shakespeare with horror-movie hijinks? R & J & Z exceeds all expectations..." - Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review

"The sword skills of the fabulous ensemble, especially the Searchers (Cait Cortelyou and Margie Sharp Douglas), might have you screaming 'kill him again!'" - Ed Malin, NY Theater Now

"Fighting the undead are two Buffy-like searchers (Margi Sharp Douglas, Cait Cortelyou) sworn to this sacred duty... as delightful as a rom-com dripping with blood can be." - Nicole S, Mildly Bitter's Musings

"This strong cast only enhances Bates’ clever text, and they clearly enjoy the universe she has created." - Sarah Weber, Theatre is Easy


If Colorado Had An Ocean

World Premiere

November-December 2014 at La MaMa E.T.C. in NYC

Written by Mike Gorman

Directed by David Bennett

Produced by The Forty Hour Club

"The actors are terrific: Jeff Pagliano and Cait Cortelyou mine darker territory as Jason and Nancy...

 my favorite kind of theater, not just inviting us to spend time in a different time and place, but really immersing us in it, engaging all of our senses and leaving us with much to ponder and savor long after the show is over." - Martin Denton, NY Theater Now


Romeo & Juliet & Zombies

World Premiere

June-July 2014 at the Stonington Opera House in Stonington, Maine

Written by Melody Bates

Directed by Joan Jubett

Produced by Opera House Arts

"Roen and Cortelyou are polar opposites as the Searchers; Roen's dour superiority and Cortelyou's cautious enthusiasm make them an ideal onstage team. Each woman brings different strengths to the stage, strengths that are well-met." - Allen Adams, The Maine Edge

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By Rights We Should Be Giants

World Premiere

October-November 2012 at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City, NY

Written by Nadia Sepsenwol and Tim Van Dyck

Directed by Christopher Dierksen

Produced by Lunar Energy Productions

"Cait Cortelyou, as the dreamer Irina, and George Salazar as Nick, Irina's lovelorn best friend, emerge as the highlights of the ensemble. Both Cortelyou and Salazar have amazing chemistry and are able to give their characters a genuine soul." - Michael Block, Theater in the Now

"The cast is pretty much excellent. Cait Cortelyou is a flighty presence as Irina, oblivious to everyone but herself and her collegiate pain, especially those in the cast who are in love with her." - Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World

"The angst was palpable, and in the actors' mouths, the dialogue was pitch perfect." - Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson, Cultural Capitol

before placing me on your shelf copy.jpg

Before Placing Me On Your Shelf 

World Premiere

August 2011 at the Kraine Theater in New York City

Devised by Wesleigh Gates from text by James Tate

Directed by Wesleigh Gates

Produced by Lunar Energy Productions as part of the NY Fringe Festival

"Cait Cortelyou exudes a playfully seductive energy that drives the scene and many others in which she appears." - Dan Bacalzo, TheaterMania

"Cait Cortelyou is radiant on the stage, clearly having fun with her playful, sex-obsessed character.'" - Michelle Augello-Page, The Happiest Medium

"Absolutely one of my favorite shows at Fringe this year... From the absurdist couple of Jonathan Horvath and Elizabeth Romanski to the quirkiness of Cait Cortelyou, every single actor breathes fire into a wonderfully strange and refreshing piece." - Nicole S, Mildly Bitter's Musings

"The ensemble of seven, led by standouts Cait Cortelyou and Josh Odsess-Rubin, worked nicely with each other, never allowing for a dry or dull moment." - Michael Block, Theater in the Now

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